Christmas Hamper (Not necessarily akin to AGWs)

It is always a special time of the year for the Association when we remember our senior/retired members as well as the partners of those members sadly who may no longer be with us.

What is even more special is reading the notes in reply and how much a simple hamper means to them.

And posting those notes hereunder in order of receipt.

Ethel Farquharson

Went out for coffee this morning and came home to find a hamper had been delivered. Because it was raining the delivery person had put it in a plastic bag so Colin didn’t see it. It will be a nice surprise on Christmas Day.

I don’t know how you do it especially in these hard times.  I do miss your diary with sayings at the top but quite understand why you had to stop.

I hope you have time to take a break and enjoy the festive season.

A Merry Christmas.

Ethel xxx

Ron Skelton

We have just received a totally unexpected and absolutely delightful Christmas Hamper . It is a most generous gift and we send our thanks to AGW for their Christmas Kindness.

Our best wishes to all for a Happy Christmas and an exciting 2024.

Ron & Georgie Skelton.

Dave Edwards

We are genuinely touched by your kindness and it really has give us a timely boost.

Once again, thank you so much – and can we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, and above all, a healthy New Year.

Best regards,

Dave and Yvonne Edwards

Sally Ingram

Thank you very much for thinking of us on our first Christmas without John.

David, James and I will be gathering on Christmas Eve at daughter Alice’s home nearby and I shall open the hamper and goodies then.

I would like to thank again all who have written such kind messages about ‘golf writer’ as Leonard used to call John. Many remembering his good humour which stood fast right to the very end of his life. There’s not one of you, I’lI bet, who’s had to telephone in 5 stories before lunch whilst covering important Golf matches. And that’s before I met him!

With hope for a happy 2024 to all and love from Sally

Gordon Richardson

Never, in the “olden days”, when Peter Higgs (Mail on Sunday) and I (News of the World) were going at it toe to toe  in the battle for weekend exclusives did I imagine 30, actually nearer 4O years later he would be despatching “Santa’s Merry Christmas Candy Collection” to me down here in the Dordogne…c’est la vie!

We were rivals but actually great mates as we recorded the deeds and chased up the quotes of Nick, Sandy, Bernie, Woosie, Barnesy and Co. Happy days.

Merci beaucoup from Louisette and I to Treasurer Peter, Secretary Bernie and all at the AGW, which I joined, aged 28, in 1966.  Still enjoying the golf after moving to France in 1997 thanks to SKY Sport …..even more as I chomp on my Xmas goodies. A bientot.

Bob Davies

I returned home from my cruise to find a box containing a lovely Christmas hamper from the AGW. It brightened up my day because I had spent the last three days of my holiday in hospital, having picked up an infection and fever somewhere along the way.
It really is kind of the AGW to still think of me 21 years after I retired and I would be obliged if you would pass on my sincere thanks to the committee.
In the meantime I would like to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and healthy 2024.
Kind regards,

Michael McDonnell
Its must be Christmas. The AGW hamper has arrived. The thought and the gift is much appreciated. Many thanks. All the best, Michael McDonnell.

Jennifer Laidlaw
I have just received a delightful and tasty hamper from The AGW.  It is so very kind of the Association to remember me. Please do pass on my appreciation to the members.
Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2024.
Kindest regards
Jennifer Laidlaw

Mike Blair

I’m sending this thank you note from good hope hospital where I’ve been for the last month, hoping to be out before my 91. do you know anything about laptops send message? Mike

Caroline Robertson

I wanted to thank you and the AGW for my hamper which arrived yesterday. It is much appreciated as always. Thanks also for keeping me up to date with what is going on.I do wish you and all the members a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Love and best wishes. Carolyn.

Jeremy Chapman

My third place at the AGW meeting at Royal Mid-Surrey, only two points away from landing the Michael Williams Hogget, clearly failed to convince you that I am unworthy of the delicious hamper that the AGW keeps sending me at this festive time of year.
It landed on my doorstep just before Christmas but I barely saw its contents before She Who Must Be Obeyed whisked it away for her personal use, knowing that in my eighth year of being Nil By Mouth the sight of those delicacies would get me thinking of the good old days when I could and would have scoffed the lot.
As Christa says ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and goes to show what a warm-hearted community I was/am lucky enough to be a proud member.
Thanks very much indeed to you and all the committee for once again remembering an 82-year-old who greatly misses your company out on the road and on the golf course. I do hope you can fit an AGW tournament in the London area in 2024.
Wishing all AGW members a happy, healthy and successful year ahead.

Donald Steel

For my part, grateful thanks for my Christmas hamper, proof that we once used to write golf. All the best.


Bryan Potter

My sincere thanks once again to Bernie ,Peter and the rest of the Association for the beautifully presented basket of Christmas goodies.
However they will be consumed without wife Shirley this year foe she is in palliative care at a local nursing home.
The staff there have been wonderful and are arranging for bedridden Shirley to be wheeled into a private lounge where they will serve a full Xmas Day lunch for her, me and two of my sons.
There are still some lovely people about.
My very best wishes to you all for Christmas and the New Year

Charlie MulQueen

What a lovely present. Many thanks Bernie and wishing all a highly enjoyable new year. Charlie.

Mike Blair

I’m sending this thank you note from good hope hospital where I’ve been for the last month, hoping to be out before my 91. do you know anything about laptops send message?
Sent from my iPad

Margaret Dodd

Many thanks to the AGW for the Christmas hamper.  Always a reminder of happy days.

Hope you keep well.

Best wishes for a happy healthy New Year.

Margaret Dodd

Brian Creighton

Please onpass my grateful thanks to whoever is responsible for sending me a Xmas hamper again this year. It was a pleasure to receive it, especially as I seem to have so little contact with the agw these days because I live so far south in  England. But Susie and I enjoyed it so much and we are very grateful for the kindness and generosity of the agw.

Many Thanks,


Trevor Peake

It was a wonderful surprise to receieve an AGW Christmas hamper, and very much appreciated. Christmas best wishes to everyone in the Association. Trevor

David Oakley (On behalf of his mother, Patricia)

My thanks once again to the golfwriters for the lovely Christmas hamper sent to my mother Patricia Oakley. She is now 91 and really appreciates you remembering John through her.

Best wishes to everyone at the association, David

Tony Garnett

Very many thanks for the lovely hamper which arrived today. I am now 84, living alone and housebound. The hamper was really welcome!

I still collate golf results, local and national, for East Anglian Daily Times to keep the mind active.  The paper is a sorry shadow of what it used to be some 25 years ago when I was sports editor. I don’t know how long it will continue to be printed.

Many of the Suffolk professionals keep in touch and some pay occasional visits which is kind of them.  My sister and her husband plan a visit from Norfolk on Christmas Eve.

I wish you a merry Christmas and hope AGW has a great year in 2024.

Very best wishes.


Patricia Davies

Seasonal greetings from Lichfield and many thanks for the Christmas hamper, much appreciated and so good to be remembered at this time of year. 

Happy Christmas and New Year to all members and their families, Patricia xo

Judy Williams

Yet again I am in the very fortunate position of thanking the AGW for the lovely hamper which was delivered to me just before Christmas.    This was so much appreciated by myself and my family especially the wine together with all the other goodies!    It is almost 27 years since Michael suddenly passed away two days after returning from The Masters whilst playing golf with Roddy, our son, and  he and  my daughters  are all so grateful that he is remembered by his colleagues in the AGW.    I  have so many memories of happy times spent on occasions with members whose friendship carries on all these years.    

Thank you so very much.

My very best wishes to you and all Members of the Association for a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2024

From Judy Williams

Dermot Gilleece

Hi Bernie.  It so happens that I’m currently in hospital being treated for pneumonia. Condition serious but treatable. All the more reason to appreciate the kindness of you and your AGW colleagues in giving me a charming seasonal hamper. Thank you. Dermot G.

Dixon Blackstock

Once again a huge thank to the AGW for our Christmas hamper. It arrived early in December so it was a great welcome to the festive season.

We both enjoyed all the special Christmas goodies inside and there was plenty of them. We toasted the AGW with your tipple gift and send the association our best wishes for 2024 and beyond.

Dixon Blackstock

PPS – We celebrated our 65th wedding anniversary on December 27th so we are feeling very blessed indeed

Liz Kahn

I would like to thank the AGW for the condolences and lovely flowers they sent after David died.  So much appreciated.  

The shock is unbelievable and you have to cope with that and a completely different life.  

My thanks also for the excellent Christmas hamper organised by Peter Higgs.  

All the very best to everyone, 


Bernie,.,how remiss of me not to have acknowledged your kind Christmas gesture all the more since it commanded center place on our Christmas dinner table …..belated thanks and best wishes

Phone messages: Lindy Johnson/Beverley Corrigan

Our Treasurer advised he also received wonderful messages from Lindy Johnson thanking the AGW for her hamper at Christmas. She lives alone in Bideford, Devon, and suffered a stroke  which prevents her writing her thanks, hence the reason she rang. It was a pleasure to hear her gratitude for something that boosted her Christmas.

I also heard from Jamie Corrigan that his mother, Beverley was very pleased with her hamper and had written replies from Margaret Dodd and Judy Williams,too.