Bernie McGuire, AGW Secretary. 


There are not many benefits of reaching 80 but one of them landed on my Cheshire doorstep today. As I opened the unexpected parcel, my mood soared as I realised it was from my beloved AGW. Sandra and I will enjoy its contents to the full as soon as I am over tomorrow’s hernia operation (it’s that 80 thing again!)

In thanking you, I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a healthy, bountiful and successful 2017. My heart goes out to you all…James Mossop.


Please thank the Executive for their kind wishes for Christmas and the New Year and may I take the chance to wish you and yours an enjoyable festive season and healthy and wealthy New Year.

In addition I should like to thank those responsible for the distribution of the Christmas Hampers for keeping me on the list.  Health-wise it has not been a good year for me but the arrival of the hamper gave me something to really look forward to and enjoy over the Christmas period.

I am very grateful for the kindness and consideration shown to me  by my fellow writers.

Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017.


The Christmas hamper arrived today. Big thanks to those generous souls responsible for sending it.


Dear AGW colleagues: Another Christmas, another marvellous, generous AGW hamper received. My wife Joan and I are once again so grateful. It’s not just the rich content, but the assurance it brings that so many friendships survive our long absence. Especially on this occasion.

Since  leaving hospital in January I have been in a care home where Joan visits me daily. Comfortable enough, I have my own flat, but after an active lifetime of travelling the world you may easily guess how how often boredom now threatens.

But there are highlights…none better I assure you than the arrival of our blessed AGW hamper to stir thoughts of so many friends and so many memories. Thank you all. Our best wishes for Christmas and may we share a successful, happy, healthy New Year . Regards Joan and Mark Wilson.


I would like to thank the association on behalf of my mother Pat Oakley for the Christmas gift box. She really appreciates the gift, which the golf writers have been sending her every Christmas since her husband John died in 1999. I know he would appreciate your consideration and kindness too, in remembering him with this special gift. My mother would like to wish the golf writers a very happy Christmas and New Year. I would also like to thank you for remembering my father too.

Best wishes, David (John’s oldest son)


The AGW hamper arrived and what a splendid gift it is. I promise I won’t touch any of it until Christmas Day. Thank you so much.


Please would you pass on my thanks to the AGW members once again for the super Christmas hamper.   It comes every year as a wonderful treat and every year I wonder how on earth you can all do it.   It really is very generous and very much appreciated.   It always seems to arrive on one of the darkest damp and miserable days before Christmas and what a lift it gives.   Many, many thanks to everyone.

I hope everybody has a happy and prosperous New Year with lots of great stories!

Best wishes and more thanks to all, Lindy Johnson.


My thanks to the AGW for the Christmas hamper which is such an amazing treat. It’s not just that I enjoy receiving mine; I love the thought of old friends opening theirs and having great memories of long years of involvement with the AGW. There’s plenty that remains the same in our organisation but our most senior members can rest assured that a golf writer’s life will never again be quite the same leisurely affair that it was in their day.

Once more, my thanks again to all concerned. Long before I went so far as to break an ankle in a bid to qualify for my first hamper, I was convinced that these Christmas gifts had a lot to do with making our association the thoroughly worthwhile concern that it is.  Greetings to everyone for 2017.


Once again I say “Thank you” to the Association of Golf Writers for the Christmas Hamper I received.    Full of goodies, which were much enjoyed  by me and my family, but most importantly we appreciate the friendship extended to us by the Association.

I was sad to hear that Raymond Jacobs has passed away, shortly after I received a Christmas card from him.   A lovely man who was a colleague of Michaels and whose company I always enjoyed.

My very Best Wishes to you and all members of the AGW for a Happy, Healthy and Successful 2017.


The hamper you sent is as before , greatly appreciated.  We feel very glad  to hear that Ian is remembered and mentioned occasionally …… He always had a great passion for all aspects of the game and spoke highly of the association.

Thank you again.  Best Wishes , Margaret (Broadley)


Peter, having received another superb box of goodies I must thank you and the guys for for all the effort you put in to keep us oldies in touch.  Whenever it arrives it prompts great memories of the good times I had with the Association when I was working.  Please pass on my gratitude and have a great Xmas and New Year.   Cheers  BryanP


Thank you very much for the box of goodies.  We look forward to enjoying the contents.  Wishing you all the best for 2017.


Will you please pass on my thanks for a wonderful Christmas ‘hamper’ which I have just received.

It is really heartening to know that even after such a long time my colleagues still think of me at this time of the year.

I wish you all the members of the AGW all the best for the year ahead.  As a matter of interest I will be 83 next week..