Rodney ‘Mucker’ Wooler looking as proud as punch at the Cheltenham Races

The European Tour lost one of the real characters working the Tour with the passing of Rodney Wooler or as he was more affectionately known to his countless friends as ‘Mucker’.

‘Mucker’ was born in 1961 passed away on 13th March, 2021.

He was a dear friend also to so many AGW members and known as one of the more helpful and friendliest of caddies.

Often, and long before the days of mobile phones, and no-one ever minded, but Mucker would find his way past security personnel and into the various media centres on the Tour. He would ask to use a laptop so her could place a bet because horse racing was also one of his favourite sports. If you were smart enough you’d get the details of the horse/s from ‘Mucker’ and no sooner had he left, you’d be placing a bet yourself.

Phil ‘Wobbly’ Morbey was one of his closest friends and colleagues in golf posted this wonderful tribute on Facebook. Please click on:-

AGWs Alistair Tait wrote a superb tribute in his ATG and here is the link:

Golf Week 13th July, 2009 by Alistair Tait

RIP Mucker